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Satish Katiyar

Technologist, Executive, Entrepreneur

Professional: I have 25+ years of technology development, executive management and entrepreneurial experience. I currently work at SAP Big Data Services as the VP of Engineering and Data Center Operations. Prior to SAP, I founded a local ecommerce startup Recycalize. Before that, I worked on big data, cloud, and machine learning for 10 years in advertising technology companies as the General Manager of Audience Advertising Network at eBay Advertising, SVP & Chief Technology Officer at Cox Media Technology, and as the first hire at Turn. Prior to ad tech, I worked on big data, cloud and machine learning for 3+ years developing search engines at Yahoo and Alta Vista and 6+ years developing database servers at IBM and Informix. I started my career as a software engineer in 1991 at Larsen & Toubro. Click here for more details of my professional work.
Personal: I live in San Francisco Bay Area. I am a nature enthusiast and enjoy the regional parks next door. I like to read the latest developments in science. I often find myself spending quite a bit of time following politics, both domestic and international. I also like to be somewhat active at local level. I founded a neighborhood group and have been running this online group of over 2500 members since 2002.
Contact: You can reach me by sending email to "satish" at this domain ( You can also find me on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes I write blog posts here but that's very infrequent.