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Satish Katiyar

Technologist, Executive, Entrepreneur

I have 25+ years of technology development, executive management and entrepreneurial experience. I am currently on a break and exploring some technology startup ideas. I worked at SAP Big Data Services as the VP of Engineering and Data Center Operations before the break. Prior to SAP, I founded a local ecommerce startup Recycalize. Before that, I worked on big data, cloud, and AI / machine learning for 10 years in advertising technology companies. Those roles included General Manager of Audience Advertising Network at eBay Advertising, SVP & Chief Technology Officer at Cox Digital, which was part of Cox Media Group, and the first hire at Turn, the largest ad tech demand side platform before its acquisition by Amobee. Prior to ad tech, I worked on big data, cloud and machine learning for 3+ years developing search engines at Yahoo and Alta Vista and 6+ years developing database servers at IBM and Informix. I started my career as a software engineer in 1991 at Larsen & Toubro. Click here for more details of my professional work.
I live in San Francisco Bay Area. I am a nature enthusiast and enjoy the regional parks next door. I like to read the latest developments in science. I often find myself spending quite a bit of time following politics, both domestic and international. I also like to be somewhat active at local level. I founded a neighborhood group and have been running this online group of over 2500 members since 2002.
You can reach me by sending email to "satish" at this domain ( You can also find me on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes I write blog posts here but that's very infrequent.