Shuttle Endeavor over the bay

I was lucky to spot shuttle Endeavor last Fri (Sep 21) hitching a ride on the modified Boeing 747 and being escorted by a fighter jet. What a sight! It didn’t come cheap. My wife told me about the event just a few minutes before it was due to fly over the bay. I was not feeling well but this was a rare enough opportunity to get out of the bed and take out the camera. I drove to Coyote Hills and then ran up one of the hills – at least 500 ft high ! By the time I reached the top of the hill, I was out of breath, almost dead. But I was soon rewarded with this great sight. I had my 500 mm zoom lens but unfortunately my camera sensor was not clean and I had not tested the camera settings before taking the pictures. Oh well. Still, I think the shot I got is better than not getting one. It was beautiful.

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