Satish Katiyar : Professional Work

SAP Big Data Services: 2017 - present
I am currently managing the engineering and data center operations organizations at SAP Big Data Services.
Recycalize: 2015 - 2017
I founded a local commerce startup very similar to OfferUp, LetGo and Facebook Marketplace. The goal was to create a vastly improved local buying, selling and give-away experience for used items compared to Craigslist. We had to shut down that effort due to intense competition but we are very happy to see that this space is growing at a very fast pace.
eBay Advertising: 2012 - 2015
I joined as the CTO in Nov 2012, which grew into eBay Advertising. Later, I ran one of the business lines (EAP - eBay Audience Platform) as the general manager. EAP is the audience advertising network that develops proprietary ad-tech, uses the vast amounts of behavioral and other data from eBay's marketplace and delivers display advertising to consumers wherever they might be on the Internet. It was fun raising the bar every few months and growing the business far beyond our own expectations.
Cox: 2009 - 2012
Prior to eBay Advertsing, I worked for Cox Digital Solutions as the CTO (SVP of engineering, product management and technical operations). While there were frequent changes in business strategy and management team, I was quite happy that my organization achieved a lot more, with fewer resources than before and kept delivering reliably. Some of the major changes my team supported me on were the introduction of open-source, non-Microsoft technologies and outsourcing of some software development. I regret not being able to develop machine-learning based ad targeting technologies any further. I also think it would have been better to focus on the advertiser side of the business and technologies. Overall, it was a great a learning experience.
Hoodhive: 2008 - 2009
I co-founded this startup in hyper-local social network space but couldn't take it beyond the proof-of-concept and limited launch due to lack of money. Raising funds in Oct 2008 on good term-sheet was a non-trivial task to say the least. Today there are multiple companies that are doing exactly the same thing that we tried to do in 2008 (Nextdoor) or specializing in components of it (Neighborland, UpToUs).
Turn: 2005 - 2008
As the first employee after the two co-founders, building the best ad targeting technology in the industry and a high performance ad server was an excellent experience. Building the company, team and technology starting from a PowerPoint presentation was a first for me and enjoyed it the most. I learned a lot from the co-founders, Jim Barnett (CEO) and John Ellis (EVP & CTO). This experience enabled me to found my own startup. The team I hired at Turn was as high quality as the core groups of some well-known technology behemoths of today.
Yahoo, Overture, Alta Vista: 2002 - 2005
At Alta Vista I not only learned the tricks of web search technology but also how to build massively parallel systems, how to squeeze every bit of performance from hardware and how to find the best search results using machine learning. Our (Yahoo) search engine had 47% of web-search market share at the time because it also powered MSN search. Being able to improve the lives of so many people around the world with almost daily improvements in our technology gave me tremendous job satisfaction.
IBM, Informix, Illustra: 1996 - 2001
My teams (and I) developed DataBlades that were database kernel extensions and enhanced the capabilities of database server in the areas of unstructured data such as text, video and audio. It wasn't always easy to maintain the ACID properties of database systems while extending the SQL to handle unstructured data. I met some of the most talented people here.
Larsen & Toubro: 1991 - 1996
I started my professional career with L&T in 1991 as systems engineer developing compiler and other development tools and later database engine. I was the 30th employee in the computer division of the largest engineering conglomerate in India with over 30K employees. This systems engineering job was a great springboard for me. I got some experience in consulting as well.